Working From Home Deductions are only allowed in specific circumstances

Many South Africans had to rush to set up a home office when the nation went into lockdown at the end of March in an initiative to suppress the spread of Covid-19. When the lockdown was expanded by one more two weeks, staff members began asking questions regarding the costs they have actually been incurring while working from home.

There are restricted conditions under the Income Tax Act that enable employed staff members to claim deductions for expenditures incurred while providing a service to their employers.

A person that makes reimbursement from a company can just assert these office expenses if their office is outfitted for and is “regularly and also specifically” made use of to help the company for which they earn remuneration.

It might well be effective for a private to continue helping 2 or three days in their office even after the lockdown has finished.

This indicates that employed workers might spend more than 50% of aggregate functioning hours in the 2021 year of evaluation (one year ending February 28, 2021) working in their home office.

” These individuals would be better having invested much less time braving peak hr traffic, begin functioning earlier in the day, and as a bonus offer have the ability to claim home office costs as deductions,” claims Chong.

In the short term it may be easier for staff members who have to work from house throughout the lockdown to assert office costs from their company on a “reimbursive basis” with supporting billings.

” Expenses which can be asserted include fiber connectivity price, cell phone prices, stationery, and computer system equipment, if these have been incurred for use mainly in the company’s organisation.”

Possible additional benefit issues

These home office variants will probably enhance over the year as working from house ends up being a prolonged standard.

It would be appropriate to have a far better understanding of these variants prior to making legislative adjustments. Lots of problems can most likely be settled through clearer analysis.

Government will certainly require to have a clear set of rules to keep these claims easy while adjusting for the new reality.

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